*To nurture young talents for meeting the current and future demands of higher education in technical, professional and managerial aspects. *To recognize education and research of regional arena in close interaction with global trends along with emphasis on development of leadership qualities in the young men and women making sensible to social development and paving way for opportunities for growth in the international perspective.


Kalpataru academy: numaligarh will be nationally and internationally recognized transformation leaders that valued for excellence in arts, science, commerce and allied field of education and research. It works towards: *Creation of common platform for all sections of people in society to facilitate cutting edge education in science, arts and commerce. *Preparation of young aspirants for regional, national and international competitive examination and professions. *Fostering of value based learned community a with global impact on impact on knowledge and wisdom and hence to prepare for current and future challenges..


A step beyond the horizon…..’We believe in thinking ahead of time that is, we promote totality of action by thinking and performing out of the box.


a) Boys: As specified Trouser, Shirt, Tie, Sweater, Bledger, Hostel Dress b) Girls: As specified Shirt,Pant,Tie,Sweater, Bledger, Sporting, Hostel Dress