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A teacher can guide, mould and generate the pupils to show light to the next generation.. We always feel proud to be the teachers of good students. Even we express our pride in different places taking the names of those brilliant students now established in different fields. But do we feel bad to express our failures of those students who couldn’t come out the exams, couldn’t established themselves in academics rather their names are always coming at the top in the list of mis doers..?


 About Us

Kalpataru Academy  : Numaligarh is an outstanding inventiveness of Kalpataru Foundation which lives in incarnation of well being by exploration of hidden human resources for development of the society. It is a premier education institution situated in Telgaram (established in 2015 by a foundation, Kalpataru Foundation which is nearby to the Numaligarh Refinery Project), Golaghat, Assam, which provides quality under-graduate educational programs values, inter professional collaboration and community service


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*To nurture young talents for meeting the current and future demands of higher education in technical, professional and managerial aspects.

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Kalpataru academy: numaligarh will be nationally and internationally recognized transformation leaders that valued…

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2‘A step beyond the horizon…..’We believe in thinking ahead of time that is, we promote totality of action by thinking and

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